BioTube - Biodegradable Tree Shelters

The BioTube tree shelter provides an efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic tree shelters currently available. There is no need to remove the BioTube as they are fully biodegradable, this saves on removal and landfill costs as the BioTube  will break away and degrade into the soil.

The BioTube is available in 0.6m lengths. The unique design enables a second 0.6m shelter to be fitted above to provide additional protection from larger browsers, giving protection of up to 1.2m to the newly planted tree. 

A stake is required to secure the Biotube in place and is recommended to be purchased at the same time as the Biotube. Stakes are available in 0.9m or 1.4m lengths. 

Weed control, should it prove necessary, is easily carried out by sliding the BioTube up the stake.

The BioTube is a natural product, made from natural materials for a natural environment.


BioTube - Biodegradable Tree Shelters