Research and Development

The BioTube and BugBar have been rigorously tested over the last four years by PERA UK, OWS Belgium (Organic Waste Systems) and the SLU Sweden (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences).  Prototypes have been included in field trials to record and analyse the degradation process.

In the UK, as well as in many other countries, reducing waste has become a major task for all local municipalities.  Countries are running out of useable landfill sites and the cost of disposing waste is increasing every year.  Hence, an increasing interest in biodegradable solutions, recycling and composting which will all help reduce the waste levels.  The BioTube and BugBar will not impose any extra waste on the environment.

The European Union Landfill Directive (EULD) requires the volume of biodegradable waste going to landfill to be reduced to 50% of the 1995 level by 2013.  The amount of waste sent to landill has to be reduced and therefore having biodegradable tree protection products will help in a big way.

The BugBar has been on field trials for two and a half years at the SLU Sweden.  The BugBar has been observed and assessed and has degraded exactly as anticipated and according to our clients specification.