Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why choose BioCycle Ltd?

BioCycle Ltd are market leaders in biodegradable products which have been rigorously tested by Pera, Leicestershire, Organic Waste System (OWS) in Belgium and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Lammhult, Sweden.

2.  Why use the BioTube?

The BioTube offers an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to plastic tree shelters.

3.  What sizes are available?

The BioTube is manufactured as a 0.6m high tube.  The unique design of the tube can provide additional height protection by fitting one shelter on top of the other. BioTubes are not nested in different sizes; each BioTube is 100mm in diameter – providing ample room for a developing tree and avoiding any danger of restricting stem diameter growth.

4. How is the BioTube secured in place?

The BioTube has a unique fixing mechanism for easy installation.  A 25mm x 25mm stake is attached to the side of the BioTube and then can be easily slid up the stake for internal weeding.

5.  Why use the BugBar?

The BugBar will provide an environmentally friendly and effective deterrent to the pine weevil in woodland restocking situations. With the tightening of control and the increasing restrictions on the use of chemicals, the BugBar offers a non-chemical alternative to the control of this destructive pest.

6.  What colours are available?

The colour is taken directly from the resin with no colour additives being used. The natural brown colour blends in well with the majority of landscape planting works. 

N.B.  The colour and appearance may vary as the BioTube is manufactured using natural fibres and natural resins.

7.  What do the products biodegrade into and how long will this process take? Will climate conditions have an effect?

The BioTube will start to degrade around the tree in the third and fourth year. Exact degradation times can vary. The complete degradation process will take a further two to four years.  As the tube degrades it will form a light mulch around the base of the tree.

8.  Will the BioTube and BugBar save me money?

Yes; there will be no need to return to site to remove the BioTube or BugBar once the protection is no longer needed. This in turn will have an impact on the disposal, not only in terms of the labour cost but it will also reduce the amount of waste being taken to landfill.