BugBar - Seedling Covers

BugBar - Seedling Covers

The Hylobius abietis, or pine weevil as it is more commonly known, is a form of beetle found in most northern hemisphere forests. It can kill a young softwood tree in 30 minutes and march up to two kilometres a day through tree plantations. It is responsible for an estimated £5 - £8 million worth of damage in the UK alone, to both create and restock new plantations after its destruction. Throughout Europe, this figure is proportionally the same.

From the 1st January 2004, the ban on the use of the chemical treatment, Permethrin, will come into effect in Swedish Forestry's amd other countries alike. The pine weevil has such a negative impact on the planting of seedlings that the level of replanting in parts of North America has been reduced until a viable, environmental solution to pine weevil damage is available.

The BugBar will provide an environmentally friendly and highly effective deterrent to the destructive pine weevil, protecting the seedling for the first three years, after which it will start to degrade into the soil. Complete degradation will take a further 2 - 3 years. Moulded into a distinctive elongated mushroom shape, the narrow end is pushed into the ground around the seedling, either during planting in the nursery or when the seedling is replanted outside, providing an effective barrier to the pine weevil. Physical dimensions of the BugBar are approximately 130mm long by 50mm wide (at the widest point).

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